Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Braces

Well - today was the big day! Amy got her braces on! I have to admit, I will be a little sad to see her adorable crooked toothed grin - but I know the results will be wonderful for her and her poor mouth! She was SUCH a trooper - never complained once! And hasn't complained about them hurting either. Here is her beautiful new smile:

The string in all the pictures is one of the balloons they gave her.

Could she be any more adorable? I know I'm biased...but I could just squeeze her forever!

In other news - we have been enjoying a beautiful (and compared to last year!) WARM January! Temps have hit in the high 30's nearly everyday, and barely gone below zero. Last year it was a good day if you got UP to zero, let alone over it. I ran to town today and realized that I didn't have to wear snow boots - I could get away with just my tennis shoes. Weird to say the least. I guess you know you live in Wyoming when you think it is SOOOO warm when you get over 30 degrees, huh?

It is so tempting to think that it will just stay this way - but I'm am trying to guard myself from expecting that and being disappointed when February rolls around! Just watch...my next post will be pics of tons of snow and super cold weather, right? Hope not...

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