Sunday, February 3, 2013

Snow and the beautiful view!

Hello! The girls spent a while this afternoon playing outside in the balmy 33 degree weather - playing in the snow! They called us out to show us the three sculptures they made...they must be a little abstract, because one of them is supposed to be a mermaid I remember, and don't recall what the other two are. Maybe you can figure it out?

And then, my crazy but adorable husband - thought it was warm enough to go outside in short sleeves. Although I agree that 33 degrees in the sunshine feels warm...I'm not gonna say it feels that way without my coat! I snapped a bunch of pictures of the poor guy...but he was a good sport and even smiled a bit for me! :-)

One more sculpture...apparently this is a sloth?

And then...our awesome view of the tallest mountain in Wyoming! Michael looks out our front windows every day and sighs in bliss at the view he has to look at. He is a happy man!

Well...we are off to watch the Super Bowl at some friends house. Is it sad that I don't have a clue who's playing, and couldn't care less who is going to win? Hmmm...but good food and friends? That sounds fun! See you later!