Monday, July 15, 2013

Gymnastics and the Parade

Once again I have done a horrible job of updating this! But...the girls got to be in their FIRST parade (I kept hearing how excited they were about that fact!) - so I had to take lots of pictures of that! often happens, I ended up being in the parade to help keep the littler kids safe on the float. And since we needed someone to drive and tow the float, Michael was quickly roped in so that none of us mom's had to take on that task.

Anyway - this was the beginning of the parade. We told the girls walking behind to strike a pose - and this is what we got. I kind of love that Katie struck a pose, and Amy is just standing there!

Here is the whole crew on the float:

And a side view of the float:

Practicing splits on the pavement:

A couple of the younger kids. Katie and Amy have made great friends - that happen to be sisters, which makes it so much easier to plan times for them to get together! There are six kids in the family - and these are the two youngest:


And her new buddy Hannah:


And her friend Isa:

And then a bunch of pics of the other kids. I tried to get one of each of them alone - but ran out of time. At least I got quite a few! These were snapped in a hurry - one shot each. I'm happy that they came out so well! Must be a bunch of photogenic kids!

Start of the parade. There were a bunch of horses in front of us, so they had to be a bit creative in where they picked to do their cartwheels and such! I LOVE the look on Hannah's face in this one!

Riders on the float:

Cartwheels on the pavement (with gloves of course!):

The kids on the float had squirt guns for the crowds:

Working together - the kids did GREAT:

Our intrepid driver:

I think this is one of my favorite pictures - LOVE it for some reason!

Squirt gun fun:

I also really like this one!

And he survived!

These two were wiped out!

I'll try to get a little more posted soon, but if not, I will get it when we get back from our next Washington trip. We leave in 2 1/2 days!!!