Wednesday, July 16, 2014

(Great) Grandma Elaine's 100th Birthday Party

One of the absolute highlights of our most recent visit to Washington, was celebrating my Grandma's 100th birthday! Between our family being there from Wyoming, and my brother and his family there from Hawaii - we successfully pulled off a perfect surprise! I think there were several of us who failed to remain dry eyed at her surprise and excitement to see us all (sniff sniff!).

Anyway - here are a TON of pictures, and a couple of videos from the day!

First up - successful surprise! Can you see how happy she is?

Some of the decorations:

Deanna presenting the photo book she made as a gift for her:

The birthday girl!

The cake:

Friends from Seattle who were charter members of the church that she and my Grandpa started many years ago:

With my mom:

The Hawaii family:

The Wyoming family:

Rick and Sylvia:

A few with her son, my dad:

Just love this for some reason!

Like mother like son...actually, no - I don't see the resemblance here! (heehee...)

The birthday girl again - and beautiful flowers:

My nephew and sis-in-law - ah, the age of not wanting your picture taken with your mom! 

Amy and her great-grandma:

...and Katie with her great-grandma:

Joe and Grandma:

One of the BEST parts of the day - Grandma and my big brother playing hymns together. I can't describe how beautiful it was. Every person in that room lit up and sang along, and I was reminded again of the incredible heritage of faith that exists in our family. And how beautiful the hands that have seen a hundred years, and still playing their praise to the Lord. 

Hands young and old - making music to the Lord:

One of the many favorite songs I taped - Power in the Blood. LOVE her smile in the middle! I will try to get more uploaded soon:

And my oldest nephew - who has been learning to play from his Dad, playing with his great-grandma...a beautiful moment:

Happy Birthday Grandma!!!