Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know I'm a day late posting this - but wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! While I must honestly say the day didn't pass without a few tears at the realization that this was our first holiday away from family, God blessed us with 2 wonderful families to spend the day with! I wish I had thought to take some pictures while they were here - they were all warned that I liked to scrapbook - so they shouldn't have been too surprised! Still, I guess they got off easy this time!

It was good motivation to get the house cleaned up too - and we actually {finally} hung some pictures on the wall! YAY! Amazing how much more homey it made our house feel! I suddenly feel less like I am camping out somewhere, and more like this is really home. 

So there was one thing I did take a picture of yesterday! Toward evening (in case you couldn't tell by the lighting!) we saw this from the back of our house: 
A momma moose - and this second picture is her baby - that didn't want to jump the fence to keep up and was trying to find another way around:
I can honestly say that it is so amazing to me to see this basically in our backyard! I never though I would be seeing a moose from my house...of course, I never expected to live in Wyoming either!

On another note...something else I never thought I'd see - if you didn't see it on Facebook, we came across this last Saturday when we stopped at K-mart in Jackson:

I was pretty much speechless when I realized it was real! Who pulls into K-mart with something like that hanging out of the back of their car?!?!?! And...I don't know if you can tell from the picture - but there is a leg on each side of the drivers seat - one front and back. Can you imagine driving with a couple of those around you?!?!?! And...I couldn't help but wonder if they still had the gun in the car - and obviously didn't have it locked! times! 

And...just to share one more picture - earlier this week we had a frosty, cold, and foggy morning! It was below freezing, had snowed a little over night, and the fog was so thick! And we looked out our front windows across the road and saw this:
Notice the second pair of ears to the left? She was so pretty! The girls had so much fun sitting and watching very quietly so as not to scare them away!

To all of our family and friends that I didn't talk to yesterday - hope you all had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving! We definitely felt the distance more yesterday than about any day up to this time. But were so blessed that the Lord didn't leave us alone yesterday to dwell on it, and instead filled our time with sweet fellowship and new and special memories. So thankful for that!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Winter has officially arrived in Wyoming!!!

Funny thing...just yesterday it was 55 degrees. This morning, it looked like this! It seems winter has arrived for good now in Wyoming! Weather reports are showing temps in the single digits - very close to zero degrees this weekend, so I think our unseasonably warm weather is at an end! I was supposed to go pick up Michael at the airport in Jackson today - and what are the odds that winter couldn't hold off for one more day? He was able to catch a ride with a co-worker, so fortunately I was spared the 1 1/2 hour drive to pick him up this time! In fact, he should be home within the next hour hopefully! So excited to see him! 

So...for now, here are some pics of the snow here! It is still warm for the usual snow weather here - about 32 degrees - so for once, we are getting the beautiful big fluffy flakes! I love it!!! So pretty for pictures! This one is looking off our front porch - kinda looks stormy a bit, huh?
This one is looking to the right - not so dark and stormy, but notice the mountains are missing? Yeah...haven't seen them at all today! 
I wish I could do something with the glare on this picture - but see that little happy face in the window? Such a lucky shot to get! 
A snowflake happened to float right in front of Amy's face in this picture - but it was the best one of her smile! So...I used it anyway! 
Pretty girl getting ready to play in the snow: 
Catching snowflakes! Kind of hard to resist... 
Checking out the snow in the back yard: 
Exploring the snow: 
The front of our house - so pretty! 
Little stinker! This was right before she threw it at me!!! Notice the evil grin? 
Front porch...kind of looks like a picture from a Hallmark movie, doesn't it? 
Front porch...also a little like a Hallmark movie... 
Well, that's all for now - but I'm sure there will be LOTS more to come! I just hope I'm ready for it!