Sunday, November 17, 2013

Newest Member of the Hoffman Household!

Hello! is official - our family has grown by an additional 4 feet...puppy feet that is! Michael and I met "Mojo" (not sure yet if this will change...) - a four month old Feist puppy yesterday, and surprised the girls by taking them to meet him today, and (surprise, surprise) they approved! So he is staying in his old home for the next couple of weeks while we travel home for Thanksgiving, then we will pick him up when we get back home! Here are some pics from the girls meeting him today:

Exciting, huh? I know the girls are over the moon! And while I know a new puppy comes with challenges, we feel like this one is a good fit for our family! Looking forward to this new chapter in our adventures together as a family!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Beautiful girls with new glasses!

A little bit earlier this afternoon, Michael and I ran to the dump...when we came back, the girls surprised us - they had done their hair and made themselves beautiful! Of course, that deserved an impromptu photo shoot! Here is the result:

Then Amy put her new glasses on too - and was trying to look at the dust on the lenses - hence the crossed eyes! 

WOW...she is getting so grown up!

Then we have the other silly girl of course!

Also growing up so very fast...

Ah - I love these girls!

See you again soon (hopefully...)!!!